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Put the HUMAN back into Human Capital

Put the HUMAN back into Human Capital

What We Offer

The Mental Wellbeing Partners Programme focused on providing support to workplaces and communities through adapted mental wellbeing training and resources, which influences individual and systemic drivers of people’s wellbeing and creates sustained change to the way people experience their world of work and their communities .

Human Capital Training

By virtue of their role, Human Capital practitioners are exposed to dealing with mental wellbeing and other personal challenges of employees; while also managing the demands of their personal and professional lives on their own mental wellbeing. Through the Mental Wellbeing Partners Programme, we aim to create a community of human capital professionals that are able to really deliver transformational organisational mental wellbeing skills.

We deliver a 6-week (one 2-hour session per week) skills-based comprehensive program aimed at upskilling human capital professionals on mental wellbeing from an individual, team and organizational perspective.

The training focusses on the following broad areas which encapsulate the role of the mental wellbeing partner:

Line Manager Training 

Line managers, by virtue of their role, have a direct impact on the day-to-day operations of a team. As such, they have the ability to influence individual employee’s experience in the workplace, as well team dynamics and working patterns. Both of these aspects have an impact on the mental wellbeing of teams reporting to them.

We deliver comprehensive training for line managers. The aim of this program is to create a community of line managers who are committed to promoting a positive employee experience within the teams that they lead, which prioritises both the operational requirements of business as well as the mental wellbeing of their team. It will empower line managers to understand and respond to mental wellbeing, to interrogate workplace factors that impact mental wellbeing, to develop authentic and compassionate leadership skills and to address both individual and team factors which may be impacting mental wellbeing. They will also be offered continuous professional development after the initial training and join a community of line managers to connect, reflect and learn from one another.

Executive Manager Training (COMING SOON)

Executive committee members, who are responsible for defining the strategic direction of an organisation or business unit, are best positioned to drive the mental wellbeing agenda from the top-down. Exco and senior leadership buy-in is critical for promoting positive mental wellbeing throughout an organisation and delegating responsibility to various stakeholders within the organisation to implement this strategic objective.

We deliver comprehensive training for executive management that focuses on mental wellbeing through a strategic lens. The aim is to create a community of executive managers who are well-versed in interrogating and implementing mental wellbeing strategies from the top down in their organisation.

Bespoke Mental Wellbeing Training

Mental Wellbeing Training is for everyone. The Bespoke Mental Wellbeing Programme is for any group of inidivudals in any sector who would like to empower themselves with mental wellbeing knowledge in order to understand and respond to mental wellbeing in their communities or organizations. The aim of this programme is to create bespoke mental wellbeing programmes based on the target audience and sector in order to empower them with mental wellbeing skills fit for their purpose and role within their organisation or community.

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